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With almost 1000 homes built in South Carolina and Georgia – Greencraft Homes is set to continue the Reardon tradition of custom homes well into the future.

Greencraft Homes is the premier home builder in Bluffton, SC, specializing in custom homes. We pride ourselves on working closely with our owners, breaking down everything that you need to know, from maximizing your investment to getting the paperwork in order to the nuts and bolts of building to what to do once the home is done.

What Sets Us Apart?

What sets us apart is our history in the area–we know Bluffton inside and out — our prework with the client to help them visualize the home that they’re creating before the architect even gets involved, our ease of communication (we’re so easy to get ahold of you’ll be sick of us) and our 3D rendering design program to help you pre-visualize your custom home before you ever get to laying the foundation.

Develop Your Home Design Before Architects Get Involved

Everyone has an idea for their dream house. Maybe they draw it out on the back of a napkin, or sketch it in an art book. Maybe they pull out graph paper and try to be as precise as possible. We love it when you do all of those things, because it is our desire for you to be as involved in the home design process as possible, even before we bring our architects into the picture.

You probably have ideas about how many bedrooms you need, and how many baths, and where you want the island in your kitchen and how the back doors will open into the yard. All of that is part of your dream for the home, and we embrace those ideas.

Our job is to figure out the engineering, budget, and layout so that you can get what you want at the price you need. So when you come to us with a lot of ideas–that’s fantastic.

Easy to Work and Communicate With

We aim to be as easy to work with as possible. Have an idea in the shower that you’ve just got to tell someone? Just give us a call and we’ll look at your plans and try to figure out how to handle it. If you want to meet online so you can show us something you’ve sketched up on the computer? We’re ready for that.

With the pandemic we know that distance communication is more important than ever and we aim to make sure that we both have the tools to share ideas, insights and innovations. And, of course, we’ll make arrangements to meet you in person, at our offices or on your property, so we can get a full understanding of what you’re talking about and what challenges and opportunities you’re facing.

3D Design Program to Help You Pre-Visualize

With our proprietary 3D visualization program, you can get a virtual tour through your new custom home before the foundation is poured or a single brick is laid.

When you want to move a wall two feet one way to accommodate a bigger bathroom on the other side, we can show you a real 3D view of how that will impact your dream home. This 3D visualization is not only fun for you, but it saves us time and money on the jobsite, as we already know you’re happy with what you’re building and we won’t need to make costly expenditures to fix something halfway through the build.

History Right Here in the Community

We’ve been building in Bluffton for decades, over three generations. With more than 40 years of experience in the area, our Master Builder Thad Reardon started Greencraft Homes to be the premier custom home builder in the area. He has built his company on the premise that integrity, knowledge, quality, service and price should each be an integral part of the process.

And we’re really a family affair: you’ll find Reardons throughout our executive staff. We all work together to make a better home for you.

Please contact us if you’d like for us to build your dream home