Complimentary Book on How to Build a Custom Home

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Thad Reardon, of Greencraft Homes has written an informative, must have book, for anyone building a custom home. The book title is “So You Wanna to Build a Home?“. Thad uses real-life stories and amusing anecdotes, to show that with the right builder building a custom home doesn’t have to be a daunting experience.

To give you an idea of what the book covers the book is broken down into the following sections:

  • Section 1: Before You Begin
  • Section 2: Maximizing Your Investment
  • Section 3: No Job’s Complete Without Paperwork
  • Section 4: The Nuts And Bolts Of Building
  • Section 5: Building Is Complete. Now What?
  • Section 6: In Conclusion
How to Build a Custom Home Complimentary Book

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