Building a custom home in Bluffton, SC, has a lot of benefits that are obvious: you get a gorgeous house that is unlike all the others on the street, you get to pick and choose every little thing, and you get a home no one has ever lived in before.

But what don’t you know about custom home building in Bluffton, SC?

You Can Get A Lot of Quality For Your Money

Quality and Cost Custom Home Builders Bluffton SCOne little known secret is that the big builders of enormous developments cut corners. We don’t mean that their homes aren’t up to code, but if they’re choosing between a piece of hardware–a hinge, a shingle, a pipe, a faucet–they’re going to pick the one that looks good and costs the least. This is how mass builders male their profit margins. They build cookie-cutter homes on a budget, knowing that when those hinges and shingles and pipes and faucets wear out in ten years, they won’t be on the hook for the repair bill: that will all be on you.

Building a custom home means you get to call the shots, and that means you choose whether to use the bargain-basement screen door, or to use something sturdy that can handle the occasional tropical storm. You get to choose products with good warranties.

And the surprising thing about this is that they’re really not that much more expensive. When you look at the long term (or even the moderate term) you’ll see that materials that last are just as much an investment as they are a feature. You can get a quality home when you build a custom home in Bluffton, SC. And you can do it for less than you think.

Designing Your Own Floor Plan is Immensely Satisfying

Who Can Help Design a Custom Home in Bluffton, SCYes, we’ve all scrolled through endless pages of floor plans online to see what we like and what we hate. And some of those floor plans have been enticing. And if you go to a traditional home builder, that’s what you’re going to get: a catalog of all the floor plans that their company builds, with a few options here and there. You might get to choose the color of the paint and the carpet, and maybe there’s an option for a bay window instead of a flat one, but ultimately you can’t say “I’ve always wanted a mud room” or “Shouldn’t the laundry room be upstairs where the bedrooms are?” With a traditional builder you’re stuck in their stock inventory.

With a custom home builder in Bluffton, SC, you can choose exactly what you want, because you’re not working with a salesperson and a catalog–you’re working with the architect and the designer directly. Getting the type of home that you want is easy because you’re starting from the ground up. You get to decide what the entry looks like, where the stairs are, how big the windows are, and any other little thing that you’ve always dreamed about. Want a grand entrance with a curved staircase? You can do it. Want something sleek and modern with floating steps? Do that instead. Want a mud room here and an office there–no, two offices!–well, you can do that as well.

Custom Fixtures Add Something Special To Your Home That You Never Realized Was Missing

You may have admired a drawer pull or a certain faucet and thought that it was something you’d like in a house one day, maybe. With a custom home you’ll sit down with a designer and you get to decide it all. Every stair rail, every custom window, every doorknob–that’s all up to you to decide.

Maybe you don’t want to have to make every little decision–maybe you don’t have an eye for that. What you can do instead is tell the designer “I love Art Deco” or “I love country ranch” or “I love postmodern” and the designer will take care of the rest. Of course, the designer will run everything by you for your approval. Do you really want this style cabinet? Do you really want French doors? The decision will be up to you.

With a custom home, we build our homes in Bluffton as “Customer designed, Greencraft supported.” You design it, and we’ll do the heavy lifting.

Your Personality Will Come Through Loud and Strong

Building a custom home is more about the arrangement of the rooms. When you build a custom home you’re not merely saying “I’ve always wanted an island in the kitchen with stainless steel appliances.” You’re saying “I’m the type who likes to entertain and I want my home to be perfect for parties,” or “I’m all about quiet and cozy, and the more built-in bookcases the better,” or “Business is my life and I entertain clients, and they need to be wowed.” A custom home can make these statements in a way that a traditionally-built home never could.

Sure, you could flip through catalogs of home designs and maybe find one that sorta, kinda fits what you want, but getting the ideal home that fits your personality is not only possible, it’s kind of the whole point. We can get you the Bluffton custom home that gets you there.

Energy Saving Add Up Quick

A traditional home builder may have a few partnerships with a few energy efficient companies so the windows they put in are energy efficient, or the wood is sustainably sourced. But when you build custom you can go all out. And we’re not just talking solar panels (though you can get those if you want them) but we’re also talking about energy efficient appliances, green water systems, environmentally-friendly plumbing. You’ll find that by paying a little more for some of these things up front you’re actually going to be saving on your power bill later. Electric bills will be lower, heating and air conditioning will be more efficient, and your water consumption will be less. These things are not just good for the environment, they’re good for your wallet.

The Process Isn’t as Complicated as You’d Think

A lot of people think that build a custom home takes a degree in architecture and a minor in interior design (and a whole lot of free time to constantly oversee the project). But all of those things are things we take care of. We have an architect who will understand your wants and turn out blueprints that match your vision. We have designers who get your taste and then can pick the perfect carpets, paints, siding, and fixtures to make your home a beauty. And as for needing to be on the job site overseeing things: you’re welcome any time, but we’ve got things well under control. You tell us your dreams and we make them a reality.

You Can Afford It

Perhaps the biggest thing you don’t know about building a custom home in Bluffton, SC, is that you can afford it!

For starters, a custom home build isn’t as expensive as you think it is going into it. You can cut costs where you want to cut costs as needed, but you probably won’t have to. But the bigger thing is that, upon completion, a custom home is worth far more than those cookie-cutter tract homes in the subdivision up the road, so you’ve got instant equity in your custom home. You’ll already have earned on your investment. (Not that we expect you’ll ever want to sell.)

Are you ready to build a custom home in Bluffton, SC?

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