Reardon History in the Lowcountry & Greater Savannah

Thad and Tony with the founder Bob Reardon, who built the first home in Savannah in 1953 before Thad was born
Thad and Tony in 1977 after taking over the business concentrating building custom homes
Thad Reardon & Tony Reardon
Thad and Tony today with Thad over seeing operation in South Carolina and Tony in Georgia
Thad Reardon & Tony Reardon Cureent
The third generation of Reardon’s are Christopher and Walter Reardon
Chris Reardon and Walter Reardon

The team. With almost 1000 homes built in South Carolina and Georgia – Greencraft Homes is set to continue the Reardon tradition of custom homes well into the future.

Greencraft Homes Tearm Picture