If you own a piece of land with an old, dilapidated home or, better yet, an empty lot, a custom built home can increase your net worth, enhance your property value and give you and your family a beautiful new place to live for generations to come. Here at Greencraft High Performance Homes, we’ve been building homes from a Southern builder’s perspective for three generations. Starting in 1953 when Bob Reardon built the first home in Savannah, sons Thad and Tony have carried on the builder’s tradition with almost a thousand homes built in the Savannah, Georgia, and South Carolina Low Country areas.

Custom Built Home On Your LandA custom-built home on your land by Greencraft High Performance Homes all starts with a floor plan. Unlike other builders that require a down payment and a signed contract, we’ll start working with you on ideas and a fleshed-out floor plan as soon as you’re able to meet with us — either in person, via web chat or over the phone. It’s all part of our tailored discovery process where we build an understanding of your budget, aesthetic, and performance considerations, and we help put together a floor plan that works for you. After all, you can have the most complicated and detailed plans in the world, but if you don’t have the budget, your build is destined to fail. Instead, we work with you from the get-go to perfectly align your needs, wants and budget into a custom home that fits all your important considerations.

With in-house 3D design expertise, you won’t have to call in an expensive architect to develop plans that you probably won’t use. By working with us and allowing us to develop these initial plans, you’ll see how we formulate and tweak the design to comply with your overall goals. Once the initial design consultation is completed, we’ll provide you with a preliminary range estimate of the cost to build your new home. Once you’re ready to move forward, we’ll start our design agreement process, which is basically a formal agreement to build your home according to the developed designs. Many of our competitors start with this step, but we’re so committed to building the perfect home that we want to start the process without you feeling the pressure of a down payment or a signed contract. By arming you with as much information as possible, we want you to make the decision that’s right for you and your family.

Throughout the process, you’ll get to know us, and we’ll be able to glean insight into your goals and most important considerations for the build of your home. You and your family will be the ones that live in it, so we want to make sure that you’re happy with the process of building a custom home at every step of the way. To help shorten the timeline, we also have a library of proven floor plans that we can use as a starting point, which allows us to spend more time on customizations and other tweaks as most homes share many commonalities. And because of our years of experience building Southern homes, we can help solve just about any issue as we’ve seen it all.

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