Why You Need to Build a Custom Home in Bluffton

It’s one thing to build the home of your dreams, but quite another to decide where to build it. Why build a custom home? Because you’ve reached a time in your life when you have earned the right to live exactly the way you want to live and not in a house that someone else built for their own purposes. Why build a custom home in Bluffton, South Carolina? There are a lot of reasons to be sure. Greencraft Homes has been building high quality homes for people in the Bluffton area for years, and below we’d like to provide some insight into why this is the best place to build your custom home.

The Location

Why build a custom home in Bluffton? We don’t necessarily want to start our explanation by talking about what’s not in Bluffton, but truly, one of the many benefits of living in this beautiful community is its proximity to so many other wonderful places. If you like spending time at the beach, you’re close to it in Bluffton. If you enjoy day trips to places like Savannah or Hilton Head Island, you’re only a short trip away from your home. Everything you could want in a day-long adventure is right here, and you’re in the middle of it all.

The Demographics

Unfortunately, too many communities in this part of the country have been stuck with reputation of being almost exclusively retirement communities. Not that there’s anything wrong with retirement communities, mind you, as they are generally wonderful places to spend time. However, that reputation keeps some families away, and that’s too bad. Why build a custom home in Bluffton? Because you’ll find a mix of retirees, young families and just about everyone else in-between as soon as you arrive. There’s a place for everyone in Bluffton, and that mix brings the entire area to life.

The Vibe

Why build a custom home in Bluffton? Because you’ll instantly be swept up in the cultural vibe that is the Old South here. This is a wonderful way to live. Everyone is incredibly friendly, we all watch out for each other’s kids and older relatives and we know how to throw a good barbecue and to sit back and enjoy the sunshine. There’s nothing like a walk through Old Town, which dates back well over a century, to see what things used to be like as discovered by folks who live in the 21st Century.

The Homebuilding Options

Finally, why build a custom home in Bluffton? Because you can have the home of your dreams here. Greencraft Homes is based in Bluffton, and we’ve spent years earning the trust and positive reviews from our former clients, many of whom become our repeat clients. We will scope our work for you down to meticulous detail, and we’ll work with you all the way through the process. Come on down to Bluffton to see what’s happening – you’ll be glad you did.