Top Custom Home BuilderIf you’ve ever thought about building the home of your dreams in Bluffton, SC, top custom home builders Greencraft High Performance Homes can help make that dream a reality. With more than a half-century of building experience in the Hilton Head, Bluffton and Savannah areas, three generations of homebuilders have continued the tradition started by Bob Reardon in 1953, who built the first home in Savannah. Since then, we’ve built almost a thousand homes in South Carolina and Georgia under the guidance of Master Certified Builder Thad Reardon. In fact, Thad is one of only 16 builders in the country that holds certifications as a Master Builder as well as a Certified Green Professional. 

Quality Custom Homes

As a licensed residential home builder and licensed unlimited general contractor, Thad works directly with each and every client to ensure that every consideration is met, and that each client understands our commitment to building the perfect home. Certified by the National Association of State Contractor Licensing in 14 states, Thad’s commitment to sustainable, high-performance building is unmatched, and his Earth Star and Energy Star certifications are just the icing on the cake. Thad’s also experienced in 3D computer aided design, so design changes don’t need to be farmed out to an expensive designer. Furthermore, if you need help selling your existing home, Thad’s also a licensed real estate broker and can help you transition from your old home. 

Quality Work

Top Custom Home Builder InteriorThe key to our process is that we allow homebuyers to develop an initial layout before an architect ever gets involved. Unlike other builders that demand money down or a signed contract up front, we’ll work with you on design ideas and concepts before finalizing your plans. By doing this, we can better estimate budgets and get a sense of the overall cost before moving forward, which helps us refine the designs to your exact specifications and budget. This way, we can advise you of cost-cutting measures or adjust your plans if the budget isn’t there, saving you money and the headache of a failed build. And by working with you on a 3D design, we help put your ideas into a workable concept, whether it’s in person, via online video chat or over the phone. Additionally, if you have other considerations such as a build in a gated community, we’ll be sure to abide by neighborhood requirements, saving you time and money on the review process.

Once the preliminary designs have been completed, we’ll provide you with an estimate range of what it will cost to build your home. If everything checks out and you’re ready to move forward, we’ll start our Design Agreement Process, which starts us on the path of building your new home. Remember, this is where most of the other guys start, but we’ll only move forward after providing you with upfront support. We want you to have the best experience, and we know that our reputation is on the line each and every time we build a new home — it’s why we’re the top custom home builders in the area, and we know that each home is an opportunity to build our best home yet. 

Excellent Builder

So if you’re looking to build a sustainable, custom home that’ll last, we hope you’ll consider Greencraft High Performance Homes. Not only do we build beautiful custom homes from a Southern builder’s perspective, but we literally wrote the book on it: So You Wanna Build a Home? Everything You Need to Know from a Southern Builder’s Perspective. Just fill out this quick form to receive a complimentary copy of the book, or contact us to get started on your dream build with Greencraft High Performance Homes.