So you’re debating whether to choose an existing home that you can readily move into or to build a bespoke house with a home builder in Bluffton, SC. The difference is stark. Let’s just say this at the onset: A tailored home allows you to customize everything, right from the blueprint of the layout to the paint on the walls and down to each fixture.

For those of you who want to understand the level of customization possible for affordable homes built on your land, Greencraft Homes – one of the leading custom home builders in Bluffton, SC – shares the extent of tailoring possible in custom homes.

Exterior Home Style – Classic Victorian or Contemporary

What type of exterior home style do you prefer? It will drive your home’s curb appeal and includes the design architectural style, materials (stone, brick, stucco, glass, or any combination of these), and color theme of the external part of your home. The roof line and tiles also play a key role when designing the exterior. Naturally, the climate, desired energy efficiency, and other external conditions are accounted for when building a custom home.
Customize Affordable Homes

Layout – The Blueprint of Your Dream House

With a full-service build, you can incorporate your preferences at every stage of the designing, planning, and building. You can select the size of your home along with the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and also whether to opt for additional guest rooms or recreation rooms like home theater or a small home office. In addition, the layout plan would comprise decisions such as where to locate the living room and whether the dining area and kitchen should be an extension of it.

With a state of the art 3D design program, Greencraft Homes will work with you to develop the initial layout and floor plan of your perfect abode so your home goals are fully met. Of course this also includes taking into consideration the building guidelines of your community.

Special Features

Would you like a bay window overlooking the back yard? Do you want to add storage space below the window or just a very comfortable cushioned seat or both? Do you want the dining area to overlook a manicured lawn? Would you like additional storage space with a drawer under each stair? All the features you’ve ever wanted in your dream house can be discussed with your custom home builder in Bluffton, SC.

Other aspects too, ranging from the type of HVAC system to specific plumbing requirements, if any, can be planned beforehand to appropriately plan your space and make accommodations accordingly.

Decorating Details – Represent Your Taste and Style

Interior decoration is another crucial aspect that you can align with your unique taste and preferences. It’s the most fun part too, as it’s the stage where you can select the wall paint color for each room apart from the texture and hue of the carpet or other flooring options like wood or tile. In addition, countertops, hardware, and appliances along with the right fixtures can be chosen based on the design theme.

As can be seen, custom built homes can be customized to the last detail, with each step taking you closer towards building your ideal home. If you’re the type who would thrive on making home designing and decorating decisions, you’re likely to love every stage of planning with your custom home builder in Bluffton, SC. If not, tell us about your overall preferences and style and we’ll take care of the rest.

If you have a unique vision of what you want your dream house to be, we can bring it to life, provided it’s practical of course and can be done within your budget.

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