Discover How to Build a Custom Home in Style
When you buy a previously owned home, there’s a lot to consider. But aside from the financing and whether or not it’s the home for you, there’s not much you can do when it comes to how the home sits. Sure, you can renovate certain rooms to more closely match your tastes and needs, but you could easily spend the entire home’s purchase price twice over chasing down expensive renovations that only get you part of the way there.

With a custom home, you get a say in everything, from how the home’s laid out to fit and finish, and everything in between. You can even orient your home and the rooms inside in an ideal way to maximize light and airflow while minimizing intrusive views and noisy streets. However, a custom home is a lot more involved than buying your run-of-the-mill home, though it can be cheaper than trying to get there with an existing home as you have to factor in the purchase price of the original home, as well as all the renovations you’d like to make. Odds are you’ll likely spend less and get more with a custom home build.

If you’re wondering how to build a custom home, know that it requires time, participation and, yes, money. While you won’t be actively participating in the building of your new home, you will need to make countless decisions and sign off on the work of others, which isn’t a responsibility to be taken lightly. That’s great for those that know what they want, but it can be overwhelming for those that aren’t interested in taking on such a project. If that’s the case, it’s best to designate someone who can make decisions in your absence to help move the project along.

The first step is to develop the dream. Think about what your dream home is — what it looks like and how it’s laid out — and assemble a loose concept of what your home will be like. Collect photos and other concept ideas to help you flesh things out, and maybe go on a few home tours to get some additional ideas.

Once you have the basic concept down, you’ll want to start assembling a team to help make your new home a reality. That includes a builder, architect and various professionals that will actually build your home. Some custom home builders have a network of trusted workers that they rely on, or you can try assembling your own dream team if you have the time and experience to go it alone.

With the team in place and a concept to follow, you won’t be able to think about how to build a custom home until you have a plot of land. Without the land, you’ll have no idea of your potential views, utility challenges and other obstacles that all must be considered before you can ever break ground.

Once you have the land, the real work can begin. Get together with your designer and builder and codify your concepts and ideas into a bonafide design, taking into account the land and how you’d like to experience life everyday in your new custom home. This stage can take a few months to several years, and you should only move forward once you’ve finalized a complete design of your dream home.

The next step is to start construction, which typically takes about 12 months, but that can easily be extended out if your build is particularly challenging or if you frequently change your mind while the home is being built. This is also the most resource intensive and financially costly part of the entire build, so make sure there are no big question marks during this stage of the build. You’ll also need to provide input frequently, so it’s not the best time to go on a lengthy vacation or to disappear for weeks on end. After all, no one else can decide what’s perfect for your dream home.

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