What to Include When Building a HouseWhen you’ve decided to build your own home, you get the chance to do lots of great things that you’d never get with a previously owned home. But it’s not all secret doors and things that only you and your family would know about — you have a real chance to design a green home that minimizes your home energy needs while providing the latest in creature comforts such as heated floors or a central vacuum system. It’s the 21st century — your home should act like it.

First up — the aforementioned secret room, which is probably one of the most requested cool things to include when building a house. Typically hidden by a bookcase or any other type of inconspicuous false wall, a secret room allows you to safely hide away your cherished possessions — or it can just be a fun way to get to a hidden bar or entertainment room.

Other built-ins are sure to spice up your new home, and built-in shelving is one of the best ways to avoid furniture clutter when you’ve got a lot of stuff to set out and display. But don’t stop there. Built in desks, tables, chairs and other cozy places to sit and relax are great for a sleek, streamlined look without the clutter that comes with a busy room. A breakfast or kitchen nook is one of the best expressions here, and it can help save space as well as giving you and your family another excuse to hang out in the mornings.

A large mudroom is also one of the coolest things to include when building a house, because we all know that a tiny hall closet is going to start overflowing the second you move in. Great for housing bulky coats and boots, as well as toys and sporting equipment, an oversized mudroom with built-in lockers and shelves means you can keep your entryway looking pristine while you hide away all that junk.

Building your own custom home is also a great time to consider going with an upstairs laundry room, which means you won’t have to lug your dirty clothes down to the basement or garage and back up again every time there’s some laundry to do. Or you can step it up to a laundry chute or even a slide that can make quick work of everyone’s laundry needs — and the kids will love riding down with the laundry each time there’s a cleaning need.

But don’t forget the outlets, which can include USB and other charging ports for all your devices, as well as plenty of outlets where you’ll need them most. Instead of unsightly extension cords and power strips, include all the plugs you’ll need right in the wall, and you’ll never again trip on that precariously perched phone, sending your fragile device slamming to the floor.

Other cool things to include when building a house have to do with the latest in technology and gadgets, and they’ll make your time at home even more relaxing and peaceful. With a green home and solar panels on the roof, you might not pay a dime in monthly energy costs, and you’ll be more comfortable with things like heated floors and a central vacuum system that makes short work of any mess.

Skylights and sun tunnels are also a great way to bring in more natural light to your living space, which means you’ll be able to rely less on artificial lighting throughout your day. For those who can’t get enough of the outdoors, make an outdoor living room a permanent fixture in your home with sliding doors that open to the backyard, which provides a seamless transition between inside and out.

For more cool things to include when building a house, contact the experts at Greencraft High Performance Homes. We’ve been building custom homes for more than 40 years, and we love showing our clients what’s possible with a modern, high performance home.