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Build Your Custom Dream Home

Buying a previously-owned home can have its perks. For example, buying a previously-owned home will probably be a faster process than building a custom home. But that’s really where the perks tend to end.

Custom homes–and we’re not just talking custom homes, but custom dream homes–can meet your every wish and desire. You get to be involved in every aspect of the process, from choosing the lot to choosing the tile. A custom dream home is not just any ordinary home; it’s you’re forever home, the place where you plan to raise your family and grow old.

It can, and should, have every possible amenity. The paint should be your perfect shade, the carpet your perfect thickness, the countertops your perfect stone. Building a custom dream home is like building a life: you only get one chance, so make the most out of it.

Best Home Builder

When it comes to custom dream homes, you want the best builder possible. After all, you’re entrusting this builder with all your dreams and wishes, so you want them to be as professional and skilled as possible, with an eye for detail and an intuition that allows them to know just what to ask and when to ask it. That builder? Greencraft Homes.

Greencraft Homes has been building custom dream homes in Bluffton, SC, for more than 40 years, and what sets us apart from the competition? A lot.

For starters, we work with you to help develop your custom dream home plan before architects ever get involved, and because our builders and designers know everything about home building, this process saves you money. You can work out the kinks and come in under budget all because they know how to properly build and price a home. They use 3D modeling for design, working with you every step of the process, all the way to the Architectural Review Board requirements. In other words, we know you, your style, and how to build the home of your dreams.

Custom Built Homes in Bluffton, SC

When you are building a custom home in Bluffton, SC, you are making an investment in your future and in the future of your family. And we know from experience that the investment in a custom home will pay off big, and not just in property value, but in the experiences you have living in a home that was designed and created just for you. You’re making an investment in the memories that you’ll share while you’re within those four walls: the times you’ll celebrate together, the times you’ll laugh together, the times you cry together, and the time you love one another. You can get all of that with a Greencraft custom built home in Bluffton, SC.

Greencraft has built almost 1000 homes in South Carolina and Georgia. That’s a thousand dreams fulfilled, a thousand wishes come true. We know how to turn raw materials into a house, and how to turn that house into a home.

And we know Bluffton, inside and out. With the level of experience we have building homes in this beautiful area, why would you ever choose anyone else?